Jul 28, 2021
Ron James
Making Right Choices

Ron L. James grew up in West Philadelphia, where a series of poor choices throughout his teens and young adulthood sent him down a slippery slope.

Ron spent twenty-five years in and out of prison while battling addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin and crack cocaine. He built a mile-long rap sheet and lived the fast life across several states, but when he finally ran out of second chances, Ron embraced his faith, and committed to the hard work of turning his life around.

A series of mentors stuck by Ron, first in prison and then as he transitioned back into society. He has rewarded their investment in him with a new life as a published author, motivational speaker and mentor/life coach to those facing the same temptations that once threatened to destroy him.

Ron travels the country and is invited to schools, colleges, law enforcement agencies, rehab facilities and prisons to tell his story and spread his message: make your next choice your best choice.