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William Creed Kiefer
Feb 07, 2018
Jessica Mailhot
Feb 14, 2018
Dr. Spencer D. Phillips
Feb 21, 2018

Tracy is co-owner of the Morr Indoor Range and Training Center

Tracy Fornwalt
Feb 28, 2018


Kristine Smith, a retired NYPD cop and St. John’s University Criminal Justice Graduate, who survived 9-11, has figured out how women can protect themselves from all the “Male Abusers” without a gun.

Kris has discovered the solution for the lack of women in leadership positions and the #Me Too Movement to combat violence against women often by spurned lovers.

She is here to talk about “How Women Can Protect Themselves Against all Those Evil Men” you’ve been hearing and reading about.

Listen to “What Have We Learned Since 9-11?” and why women need a short course in “Fitness Inspired Tactical Training Self Defense”.

Watch how fast you can learn to put the youngest, meanest, in-shape male Rotarian on the floor before you can say “#Me Too”.

A full breakfast will be served for $5. Potential Rotarians are invited FREE.

Kristine Smith
Mar 07, 2018 7:30 AM
Steven Shaw
Mar 14, 2018
Apr 14, 2018